Monday, February 28, 2011

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Four awesome grooves from Kerri Chandler in the form of the Ozone EP, plus bonus 6:23 Again Remix!

Continuing our string of new releases, Madhouse Records is back with another stunning release from the main man behind the label – Mr Kerri Chandler.

Hot on the heels of "Heaven" comes the "Ozone EP" , a collection of four brand new deep cuts from Kerri, plus a bonus remix of "From Day One" 6:23 Again style.

"From Day One" is up first, and it's pure Kerri Chandler all the way. A pulsing synth and deep bassline groove this one along building all the way.

Kerri works the filters on "13 To 41" with a filtered brass-esque loop that drives the track backed by a great drum groove. You can tell he had fun making this one!

"My Moody Life" sees Kerri getting musical with an improvised piano solo that runs throughout backed by a deeper feel than the other tracks here.

Kerri brings the cheeky riffs out on "Peace Of My Mind" which bounces along whilst building the vibe up and down all the way through.

The EP is rounded off by a slightly more hyped 6:23 Again Mix of "From Day One" – one for the 4am crew!

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